Highams Residents Association was founded in 1955 to represent the residents’ interests in general and in particular upon planning matters affecting the estate. To see a copy of our constitution, click here

MEMBERSHIP is open to all residents in: Crealock Grove, Henry’s Avenue, Keynsham Avenue, Lichfield Road, Marion Grove, Mason Road, Montalt Road, Nesta Road, Tamworth Avenue, The Charter Road together with other residents in the neighbourhood who have interests in common with the Association. Almost 100% of the households in our area are members.

Most of this estate was developed in the early 1930s by the Warner Estate Company, and still forms an attractive and distinctive residential enclave of nearly 300 houses designated in Council’s Unitary Development Plan as ‘An Area of Special Character’. This gives the area some protection from the worst excesses of property development and speculation.

  • Safeguard the general and particular interests of the Highams Estate
  • Maintain the standards of development on the Estate to preserve its character
  • Restore and preserve local amenities
  • Encourage interests in the civic affairs of the London Borough of Waltham Forest
  • Inform and offer general advice to Members on local matters
  • Support Neighbourhood watch schemes
  • Organise cultural, educational and social events
  • Be independent of any political party

The Council recognises the architectural and landscape merit of the Estate and seeks to safeguard this by means of particular clauses with the Unitary Development Plan. These special guidelines are used to preserve and enhance the area’s amenities. This is not to say that property developments are restricted other than in their appearance and effect upon the general character of the area.

  • Crealock Grove
  • Henry’s Avenue
  • Keynsham Avenue
  • Lichfield Road
  • Marion Grove
  • Mason Road
  • Montalt Road
  • Nesta Road
  • Tamworth Avenue
  • The Charter Road