Welcome to the Highams Residents’ Association (HRA). Founded in 1955 specifically for residents in The Highams Estate; Crealock Grove, Henry’s Avenue, Keynsham Avenue, Lichfield Road, Marion Grove, Mason Road, Montalt Road, Nesta Road, Tamworth Avenue and The Charter Road. We are the oldest Residents’ Association in the Borough. Located in the leafy suburb of Woodford Green, Essex within the London Borough of Waltham Forest.

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In 1955 several concerned neighbours got together and formed the Higham’s Residents Association. Following the war, developments were taking place to rebuild communities and facilities. It was felt by the residents that the Highams Estate was worth protecting from indiscriminate development and this has generally been the ethos of the Association since then.

  • The Highams Park was purchased by the Council in 1937 for use as a Park. Before World War II the Warner Estate staff played cricket in the park on Saturday afternoons. The Council had to obtain a waiver from Sir Henry Warner to allow the development of the prefab estate. When the prefabs were due to be demolished HRA lobbied the Council to re-instate the site as a public park.
  • It was proposed in the early 1960s to erect a thirteen-story block of flats on the corner of Chingford Lane and Montalt Road. HRA made strong objections to the proposal, graphically demonstrating from what distance the flats could be seen and the proposal was dropped.

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Stop This Commercialisation !

Stop commercialisation of our Highams Estate. Read more.

Planning Application

We wish to draw residents' attention to a recent planning application on our Estate. Please see HRA letter July 2020.

HRA 2020 Subscriptions

HRA has decided to delay this year's subscription collections until 2021. Further collections will thus resume some time after March 2021.

HRA 2020 AGM

Please note that because of the Coronavirus epidemic, the HRA AGM planned for Tuesday 28th April has been postponed.

Privacy Policy

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Highams Park Forum

A group of local people all interested in the betterment of life in their area.

The Highams Park Planning Group

The Highams Park Planning Group is a group of local people which has been designated by Waltham Forest Council to create a Community Plan for the Highams Park Neighbourhood Area.

The Highams Park Society

The Highams Park Society was formed in 2006 and sets its goal as "Helping Promote Community Life".

The Friends of The Highams Park

The Friends of The Highams Park is a voluntary group in north east London. Its aim is to is to protect and enhance The Highams Park for the benefit of visitors.

The Woodford Green Amenity Group

The Woodford Green Amenity Group is a charity run for and supported by the residents of Woodford Green.

Neighbourhood Watch

For further information please go to www.met.police.uk/teams/walthamforest/hatchlane/

Neighbourhood Watch has merged with the HRA to improve communication on the estate.

The Safer Neighbourhoods team is comprised of Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) who are dedicated to making your neighbourhood a safer place to live in, work in and visit. They listen and talk to you, and find out what affects your daily life and feelings of security. You can contact them via e-mail or phone. As part of the Policing Pledge they will respond to every message directed to them within 24 hours. However, they are not a 24-hour response team, so if it is an emergency please call 999.

For more information about local policing visit the main Safer Neighbourhoods website.

For non-essential crime or if you have seen something suspicious and would like to report it, please phone 101 and you can speak to a PCSO.

To email a member of the Neighbourhood Watch residents committee please contact: highamsra@gmail.com